Getting to Know
ADA Jimmy Conlon
ADA Jimmy Conlon
What do we know so far?
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He's from NYC, NY. Worked as an ADA in Manhattan. Came to Indy because he has political aspirations, thought he could accomlish them more quickly in Indy. (Community)
Obviously has money of his own - paid for Annabeth to take her baby and the nanny to Georgia overnight on his 'dime'. (Community)
His grandparents were from Indiana, he spent his summers at the family farm "downstate". Told Annabeth that he was born in "Saginaw". (Community)
He has a 17 year old daughter named Jessie, who lives in NY with her mom. (Truely, Madly, Deeply)
Has problems with watching videos of rape involving young women. (Truely, Madly, Deeply)
Drives a black Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG (an SUV), which sells for $86,275. (Legacy)
His assistant goes through his desk every so often to collect his paychecks for deposit, since he's rich enough that he doesn't need the money. (Legacy)
Has too much integrity to take an innocent man to trial to prove a point. (Legacy)
Smokes cigars, and is a triathlete. (Homecoming)
Is divorced. (DJE interview on TVG's "Square Off")
According to early reports, Jimmy is 37 y/o.
Cares about the victims of crime that he represents - possibly made the first donation for a scholarship in a victim's name. (Homecoming)
Ex-wife was big in PTA (Silent Auction)
Daughter, Jessie is on the student council, plays sports and volunteers in a foodbank and has a 4.0 GPA. (Silent Auction)
Thinks kids should be allowed to be kids. (Silent Auction)
Went to a parochial school, and might have grown up Catholic. (There's Something About Martha)
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