Episode Guide for Season 2
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Updated 10 April 2007
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2.01Community (OAD: 9/22/2006) - As Annnabeth is still being challenged with the changes of being a single mother after her husband's death, she also has to adjust to a lot of changes at her job.
A new DA has come to work with Annabeth and their first case involves the multiple homicides of a family. New ADA James Conlon (David James Elliot) and Annabeth work together to bring justice and find new ways to draw a confession out of the suspects. Lastly, Annabeth tries to smooth over the animosities between Ed Williams (Cress Williams), a tough no-nonsense cop, and Ray Blackwell (Jon Seda), Conlon's right hand man from New York who transferred to Indianapolis to work with him.
2.02 A House Divided (OAD:9/29/2006) - Annabeth prosecutes a woman who claims that she killed her husband in self defense.
2.03 Truly, Madly, Deeply (OAD:10/6/2006) - Annabeth's case involves prosecuting a man who is being convicted of drugging and raping a teenage girl next door to his house. At first it seems like an open-and-shut case. Annabeth soon discovers there is more to story with the suspect's wife and that the couple may be hiding a dark secret.
2.04 Deacon (OAD:10/13/2006) - Annabeth prosecutes a drug addict for the murder of a young woman, when evidence that a dormant serial killer may be the actual suspect surfaces.
2.05 Legacy (OAD:10/20/2006) - The team investigate the murder of a prominent buisnessman's wife and discover that her husband and father-in-law were involved in her death.
2.06 Homecoming (OAD:10/27/2006) - Two football players are charged with a teammate's murder.
2.07 Silent Auction (OAD: 11/3/2006) - The team investigates a man's murder during a function at his kids school. Further investigations reveal a secret affair between the victim and another woman.
2.08 There's Something About Martha (OAD: 11/10/2006) - When a minister is murdered in his own home, the investigation points toward his wife, but after finding a flowery card from the minister's secretary, the team begins to think they're looking in the wrong direction.
2.09 Shoot to Kill (OAD: 11/17/2006) - Richard Nelson, former salesman with a six figure salary, began working the drive through at a local fast food restaurant to support his family after losing his job. When the man who replaced him at his old job is gunned down, police arrest Mr Nelson. After interviews and investigations, police begin to question other members of the victim's and suspect's families.
2.10 A Father's Story (OAD: 11/24/2006) - Bob Peters and his wife introduced their daughter Barbara to Dale Hopkins, who then married her and killed her. When his lawyers, including Doug Hellman and Annabeth's old friend Kelly Joffe, get him off in court, Bob Peters decides to take the law into his own hands and tries to shoot Hopkins outside the courthouse. He hits and kills Kelly Joffe instead, wounding Hellman. Annabeth must find another way to bring justice to Bob and Maxine Peters and get Hopkins the sentence he deserves.
2.11 Prodigal Son (OAD: 12/15/2006) - Annabeth and Maureen prosecute Sam Carter for the murder of his niece. Sam's family and attorney talk to the prosecutors and court about Sam being a recovering alcoholic since he began drinking as a teenager before his mother was killed, and about his being on antidepressants and having blackouts when he drinks. Annabeth finds evidence that Sam was the one that shot and killed his mother but after digging deeper into interviews and evidence, begins to doubt that conclusion.
2.12 - Road Rage (OAD: 01/05/2007) -Mark Riggs and Greg Paulson, who have both had a child die, get into an argument when Riggs tells Paulson to tell his wife the truth or he will. Paulson grabs a crowbar from his car and hits Riggs over the head, killing him.
2.13 Getting In (OAD: 01/12/2007) - Annabeth prosecutes Dr Stephanie Davis, the anesthesiologist who is accused of killing Juliette Tursi. It looks like a simple mistake, that she overlooked a medication that the patient had been taking that was reported in the chart, until the prosecution learns of a 20-year-old connection between the doctor and the victim... Doug Hellman also appears.
2.14 Hoosier Hold'em (OAD: 2/9/2007) - When college student Connor Bradley is killed, Annabeth and her team uncover an underground high stakes poker game. Connor had robbed a bank before he died, and the prosecution team thought it was because he had lost all his money in a poker game. They speak with Kaitlin, friend of Connor and other boys involved in the poker game, who tells them that Connor had really robbed the bank to help her out, thinking she had lost thousands of dollars playing poker online. Her story leads them to the parents of another boy, Bryce, telling Annabeth that Connor was going to confront one of them about cheating he had uncovered. (From - thanks to Barbie on the fordjefans voy board)
2.15 - Barren (OAD: 2/16/07) - Tess Middleton and her husband Carl had trouble conceiving so they hired young Kimmy Johnson to be a surrogate. The baby is 6 months old and Kimmy is murdered in her own home. Tess is arrested. Then she and her attorney, Doug Hellman, claim self defense. Tess claims Kimmy was threatening to take the baby away and was extorting money from her and her husband. After investigating and speaking with Carl, Annabeth and the investigators determine Tess was having an affair and Carl will testify against her in court. While on the stand, Tess surprises everyone, including her own attorney, with her testimony that her boyfriend really did the killing. (From - thanks to Kelly on the CtH list)
2.16 - Internet Bride (OAD: 2/23/07) When the wife of the dean of a local college is found dead in her home, her husband, Will Rooney, claims she killed herself. Police arrest him and tell him they know Sonia was bought and paid for as an internet bride. He tells them she was having an affair with a student and when he threatened to divorce her, leaving her in the country illegally, as she did not have her green card yet, she became despondant and took her own life. The student denies an affair, telling Ray he kissed her once and when he declared his feelings, she shot him down. The investigators turn up an email supposedly from Sonia to her brother Nicolai, telling him she can't go on, and when they fly him to the US and meet with him, they tell him they believe it was faked by Rooney. Nicolai tells them his sister was angry because she had seen Rooney with another woman and she was going to leave him. In court, Annabeth tells the jury that Sonia was killed by the blow to the head with a clothing iron. They turn up new information after resting their case and call another witness, who they hope will help put the final nail into Rooney's guilty verdict. Maureen practices for the Appeals Court about the case over Annabeth's husband's death. (From Thanks to Barbie at the fordjefans VOY forum for the title)
2.17 Protege (OAD: 3/9/07) When a judge, an old friend who is like a father to Conlon, is murdered shortly after Conlon had drinks and dinner with him, he vows to make things right. Police pick up Matthew Simmons, who was captured on video using the judge's bankcard to get money out of an ATM. In the video. When they watch the video, they realize there is another man in the car with him. While talking with Simmons and his lawyer, Conlon convinces him to spill who his accomplice was, and Simmons admits it was a man named John Cooke Jr. When police get the man in the interrogation room, he finally admits that he killed the "old man" and that Matthew saw him and would tell them that. After Cooke's attorney arrives, he recants his confession and the case goes to trial. During the beginning of the trial, Cooke's father and attorney come to Conlon and tell him that the young man is borderline mentally retarded but won't allow his father to get him tested and they didn't test him when he was younger to avoid the stigma of it all. When the man is found guilty, Annabeth argues for the death penalty while Cooke's lawyer argues against. Witnesses include Cooke's father, the doctor who has claimed Cooke is mentally retarded and Cooke's 6th grade teacher, as well as a doctor for the prosecution and David Sheffield, the victim's son and Conlon's friend. (From
2.18 Making Amends (OAD: 3/30/07) A woman named Ellen Pinter receives a letter from a man named Tim O'Neil, who she believes raped her while they were in college. He wants to "make amends" for hurting her as part of a program for Alcoholics Anonymous. She goes to Annabeth with the letter. Through the investigation, they find out that another of Tim's fraternity brothers was also involved and that Ellen's drink was most likely drugged. When Ellen finds out that her husband knew the guys had drugged and raped a woman that night, even though he didn't know it was her until she received the letter, she finds it too much to deal with and says she wants to drop the case. Annabeth feels so strongly that they decide to go ahead with the prosecution. (From
Annabeth appeals to have the statute of limitations lifted in order to prosecute a rapist who attacked a woman 11 years earlier but has recently confessed to the victim. (From
2.19 Maternal Instinct (OAD: 4/6/07) Handsome, charming college student Eric Murphy is suspected of killing his father and nearly killing his mother, although he proclaims his innocence. The doctor tells Maureen that his mother will most likely never wake up, although paramedics say she was lucid enough when they first got to her to tell them that Eric killed his father and hurt her. When Mrs. Murphy surprisingly wake up, she tells Annabeth that there is no way Eric could have done it. The investigators and prosecution find out that Eric's uncle is suspected of being the head of an organized crime circle. Mrs. Murphy claims she found a note on her car before the murder with a picture of her family, all with lines across their throats as if they had been slit. When Annabeth realizes that the note and picture were a fake, she confronts Mrs. Murphy on the stand. (From
Annabeth prosecutes a man accused of killing his father, but the case falters when the alleged murderer's mother retracts her initial statement that her son attacked her and killed his dad. Pete Durkin: Jonathan Silverman. (From
2.20 Drink the Cup (OAD: 4/27/07)03/20 - When a police officer is killed, his partner and friends wait at the house of the man they believe shot him and say they won't leave until he is arrested. A judge denies the search warrant application and when Conlon tells Annabeth to go over his head, a warrant is finally issued. When bullets of the same caliber that killed the officer are found at the suspect's house, he is arrested. His lawyer tells Maureen that the man was set up. After the man is beaten by guards in jail, his lawyer comes to Maureen and asks her to let him go or charge him with the murder so that the lawyer can see the evidence and defend him. Someone tries to scare Annabeth off the case by stealing her keys from the office and leaving them in her kitchen at home. Doug Hellman also stars in this episode. (From (Thanks to Barbie for the title)
2.21 Fall from Grace (OAD: 5/4/07) - Annabeth and the team investigate Samantha Veeder and her husband Chris, who run a shelter for runaways, after a runaway teenage girl is found murdered. They find out and surprise Samantha with the knowledge that Chris has a deal with the girls where they give him and his "friends" sexual favors. (From (Thanks to Barbie for the title)
2.22 Eminent Domain (OAD: 5/11/07) SEASON FINALE! In a meeting with Durkin and his lawyer, someone is killed. The rest of the team determines that Durkin was the target and that he was involved in political corruption. Annabeth goes to another attorney asking if the person killed with him had believed and come to them with the information that Conlon was involved in the corruption. During the chase of a suspect, Annabeth is held hostage on the roof of a building by a suspect with a gun. (From (Thanks to Barbie for the title)

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