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10 August 2005
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Author's note: If you read these stories and then write me about how 'horrible' they were because you're a Harm/Mac shipper, be prepared to be flamed and labelled a 'villiage idiot'. If you don't like Harm being paired with anyone but Mac, then these stories are not for you.
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Keeping the Promise
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4COMPLETE!
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Harm/Harriet
Warnings: Major Character Death!; don't read if you don't like anyone but Mac with Harm!
Summary: Begins during "Critical Condition" at the point where the doctor comes out to tell them that Bud has died. Only in this version, no one calls her back before she can do it. When the JAG family reels from losing one of their own, Harm finds himself keeping a promise to a friend.

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